Chicken Maison Gardena Review

So I was wiped out half a month back when around the local area on business. I extremely required a place I could bring in for take-out, stroll in, get and pay for my sustenance without excessively numerous individuals taking a gander at my tangled hair or green composition. Indeed, this wasn’t really it due to how bustling it was amid noon, yet I returned the following day (which, trust me, was an overcome move given my proceeded with appearance) in light of the fact that the nourishment was so shockingly delicious.

First time, I got the fiery lemon garlic chicken, which was extremely tasty and succulent! The garlic sauce that every one of the dishes accompany was absolutely astounding… like, I need to know how they make it so I can make gallons of it at home and eat it on EVERYTHING! Pita was decent and delicate, however the hummus had excessively tahini for my palette (this is an individual inclination).

The second time I went (truly 24-hours after the fact), I got the chicken kabob. The chicken was damp and exceptionally delicious; outstanding amongst other chicken kabobs I’ve ever had and I’ve been to many mediterranean eateries in my chance. Got the green plate of mixed greens as one of my sides, which was sufficiently delicious and light.

The third time I went (48 hours after my first outing… I know, extremely pitiful), I got the kafta kabob, which was great and exceptionally delightful, yet somewhat heavier than the chicken kabob.

The majority of the kabob dinners accompany a veggie kabob, two sides and pita, which may appear like a considerable measure, since it truly was. Be that as it may, I ate everything without fail, notwithstanding when I got the greek coleslaw, which wasn’t my most loved thing (had mint in it, I think, which was to some degree off-putting).

Regardless, I’m in the OC for business a ton and this is directly not far off from my inn, so I will be back numerous multiple occassions… indeed I ate there again a week ago. I figure this place may have effectively climbed to fixation status…

Hot damn, this place is brutal.

We requested:

– Original 1/2 chicken combo: This was an exceptional on their board that is presented with rice and plate of mixed greens (can’t pick different sides) for $7.95. It was a leg thigh, bosom and a wing. The wing was delicate, sodden and rich heavenly. Indeed, even the oil on the thing was good to the point that I had no disgrace in licking the oil off every single one of my fingers as opposed to utilizing a napkin. The serving of mixed greens was straight-from-the-showcase new and the dark colored rice was even wonderfully made. I included these alongside the chicken, garlic sauce and my gf’s hummus to the pita bread to make a genuine taste bud climax instigating background.

– Spicy lemon garlic chicken combo: $7.95 on their menu. My gf got this, and requested the dull meat. I trust it was a thigh leg and a reward wing. Jeez. This was stunningly better than the first. They marinated the chicken with the goal that each ounce of the meat was absorbed that scrumptious zesty lemon garlic. Not to put down their unique chicken or anything, yet for beyond any doubt I’m requesting this in the following numerous visits I make here. My gf picked hummus and potato plate of mixed greens. The two sides were incredible.

Both combo’s accompanied a drink. This sublime supper turned out to around 17 bucks or somewhere in the vicinity. Worth each penny.

One imperative note I’d get a kick out of the chance to make is the more seasoned man who took our request. When we strolled in, he welcomed us with the kinda grin that I think must be made by some individual who cherishes life. Radiating with bona fide truthfulness and joy, he said “I promise you will appreciate, thank you for coming,” we really felt like he valued each and every one of his clients.

I see many individuals contrasting this place with Zankou’s. Zankou’s will dependably remain as a cherished memory to me, so I’m not going to reveal to you which one is better or more regrettable. Be that as it may, I can reveal to you the distinction. Chicken Maison is substantially bigger. From the tables/seats to the inside stylistic layout and so on, Maison has that spic and span feel. With respect to the sides, Maison is substantially more great. The main genuine things you can contrast is Zankou’s chicken with Maison’s unique chicken, and their hummus.

“Buddy, c’mon Cliff, simply reveal to me which one is better!”

I truly can’t fella. Perhaps I will return to u with an answer in 5 years. We’ve gotta perceive how Maison stands the trial of time, at that point we’ll see where it genuinely remains as far as being the best spot for chicken and hummus. Be that as it may, for the time being, most would agree that Chicken Maison unquestionably stands its ground.