Choosing the Best Seafood Display for Your Business

When you are running a supermarket that sells seafood, you will need to pay more attention to the refrigeration system of your product. Seafood is not a product that can last long and customers also want to buy the freshest ingredient. As a result, your business will depend on the best refrigerated displays.

As a product that has short shelf life, making sure the seafood that the display case can stay at the right temperature is crucial. Furthermore, you will need a refrigerated case that can drop the cool air straight down to the seafood. In this case, gravity coil refrigerated case is better than forced air because the system will keep the product cool without making it dry due to constant exposure to dry air.

Refrigerated display is good and all. However, since the structure of the case is enclosed, you will need a staff to cater the customer. If you prefer to let the customer choose the seafood they want by themselves, maybe non-refrigerated display will be more suitable for your business. Contrary to its refrigerated counterpart, non-refrigerated case doesn’t come with a condenser that sends cool air to the product. Instead, the display will be filled with ice to keep the seafood fresh. The case itself will help to keep the ice from melting too fast so that the quality of the product will be guaranteed. Some customers think non-refrigerated display is more convenient because they can take the product they want without the help of any staff.

Whether it is refrigerated or non-refrigerated case that you prefer for your business, it is important to choose a reputable brand. Nobody wants to purchase not fresh seafood, besides if the product is no longer fresh, it will spread unpleasant odor that will make the whole area smell bed. Make sure the display comes with warranty and good customer service