Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas Restaurant Review

Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas can allude to a few areas. I didn’t know this until my current outing to Vegas. There is the PH resort lodging club and there is likewise the PH eatery. I as of late looked at the eatery which is situated in the well known Forum Shops in Caesars Palace. Why they have the eatery in another area is confounding in light of the fact that the resort is unquestionably sufficiently substantial to likewise have the eatery.

The day we went to eat, we were situated immediately, most likely as a result of the time which was around 2:30 pm. I preferred the climate right route due to the splendid hues, film memorabilia, auxiliary plan and lighting. Our server was well disposed and appeared to be experienced.

The menu has a genuinely decent measured determination: around twelve starters, ten burgers and sandwiches, twenty courses, ten side dishes, six servings of mixed greens, three pizzas and ten sweets. The courses comprised of flame broiled meat and chicken, fish, pasta and chicken. Since we were eager we chose to attempt two hors d’oeuvres: the darkened shrimp and the Parmesan spinach plunge with chips. I thought the darkened shrimp were astounding, however was baffled in the plunge which appeared to be excessively rich for my taste.

For the courses we requested the barbecued Salmon and the New York Strip steak, both of which accompanied vegetables and potatoes. The Salmon was fabulous as I would like to think and the steak was likewise extremely scrumptious. The vegetables were genuinely plain tasting.

We completed the supper off by part a cheesecake which was perfect. By and large, the sustenance was great. The menu is genuinely unimaginative maybe, however has enough differing qualities to presumably fulfill a great many people. The administration was acceptable and equipped. The costs are sensible I thought, with most courses going for under $20. I would give the Planet Hollywood eatery six or seven stars out of ten.